Level 6- Advance Certificate: Fitness Conditioning Coach

The International Institute for Sport Science and Fitness Training (IIFT) offers a scientifically based course in strength and conditioning of athletes. The course covers all areas required for the successful conditioning of athletes and offers opportunities to work in various sports environments. The content of the course has been compiled by leading experts in strength and conditioning in different sports and ensures a quality education in athlete conditioning. It is a distance learning course and requires the student to complete a theory and practical exam as well as to submit various assignments. In addition, an internship at a relevant sporting body in order to gain the necessary practical experience working within a sports environment is required and the student must select three electives (short courses) to complete the course.

A few of the important aspects covered by the course include:

  • Sport specific testing and acquiring research data.
  • Sport specific programme design (strength, power, agility, speed and flexibility).
  • Programme implementation.
  • Correct training technique.
  • Technical components: Skill analysis, Biomechanical principles of specific skills. Coordination involved in the skills. Specific movement analysis to establish a base of skills involved in the training components
  • Specialising in the following Sport Codes:  Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming.  Refer to the prospectus for more sport codes.

Therefore the course prepares the student to work in a multidisciplinary sports environment in which the athlete is the main focus of development. If you would like to learn how to take athletes to the next level don't miss out on this opportunity and contact IIFT now.


Enrolment form - Level 6 CSCS (approx. 132Kb, in Excel .xls format) click here to download it

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