Quality Control

IIFT's certification committee, together with tertiary quality control over the issuing of qualifications, has established IIFT as the leader in the fields of health, fitness and sports conditioning.  Furthermore, IIFT is committed to internationally recognised standards, and cooperates closely with countries abroad.

IIFT provide assistance to the well-known NSCA-CC, CSCS and CPT courses which are internationally registered with ISO (International Standards Organisation) and which are aimed at protecting the public and standards standardised in America, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc.

ISO also plays a major role in IIFT's quality management and control over curriculum content and the issuing of qualifications of the highest standard.

IIFT's cooperation with bodies having ISO programmes and agreements with other countries is an indication of the credibility of IIFT's qualifications, nationally as well as internationally.

 IIFT educational manuals theory and practical are designed to comply to the high standard of quality control of educaational standards.

Quality control are done by selected national and international institutions.




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