Professional Teaching

IIFT's professional teaching offers every student professional support to practise fitness and sport from a professional perspective.  IIFT is always innovative and places the best professional staff at members' and students' disposal.

IIFT also furnishes professional assistance and advice to students, members and parents.  All courses are upgraded with the latest developments and opportunities for members to specialise in new fields.

  • IIFT uses tertiary staff with a sound knowledge of professional teaching.
  • IIFT makes use of lecturers with international qualifications.
  • Opportunities to liaise with teaching staff are in place.
  • All practical training is practice-oriented and teaching staff are specialists.
  • IIFT offers advice on how to establish a business and build it into an excellent training centre.
  • IIFT liase with higher education and tertiary institutions.
  • IIFT co-operate with sports federations, to provide higher levels of coaching certification.
  • IIFT functions in co-operatiion with international educational bodies.





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