Personal Trainer: (Higher certificate)

This is a scientific-oriented course for Personal Trainers.  The course was bench-marked against the norms of international courses such as: NSCA-CPT, USA; IDEA World Fitness and FISAF International.  South African scientists, under the guidance of IIFT's curriculum committee at tertiary institutions, put the course together and it is supported nationally by sport science institutes, universities, colleges and universities for technology.

This course covers all scientific aspects of how to become a successful professional personal trainer.  The course offers more career opportunities, with specific application in some aspects of health and fitness exercises.  It also affords the opportunity to progress to a specific field of specialisation in a specific field.

This course offers you the skills and self-confidence to design and apply programmes in a wide spectrum of the science of exercising.  In presenting this course, only university-qualified professional teaching staff are used.

The course is also a preparatory course for the sought-after NSCA-CPT ISO course accredited with the National Commission of Certification Agents in the USA.  So, a course for Personal Trainers that is recognised worldwide.


What makes this course different from all other courses?

Practical application
The examination is practice-oriented.
The validity of the examination is evident from the fact that students are tested on the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to be successful in this profession.

Examination outcome
A high pass mark is set, specifically to test skills and knowledge.  It is a recognition of a high level of effectiveness, and the fact that the student is actually qualified such that he or she can compete worldwide in the profession.

This means that a high level of credibility over other qualified individuals is exhibited

For further information about personal training please refer to the IIFT prospectus.
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