Fitness Instructor (Specialist)

This instructor course is aimed specifically at training every student to understand all the requirements set by a club, health body or sports federation. The aim is to understand the client's needs, and how they may be satisfied.

The responsibilities of a Fitness Trainer are covered, and the following are specifically discussed:

  • Practical management skills and guidance on how apparatus may be utilised and used
  • Introduction to facilities
  • Professional guidance and information on the exercise that will be done
  • Interpersonal and service-oriented assistance
  • Information and the application of all rules (safety)
  • Assistance on how to handle complaints etc.

Course outcomes

  • An understanding of weights and gymnasium apparatus
  • Knowledge of safety and exercises in the gymnasium
  • Effect of exercises on the body
  • Exercise execution of prescribed exercise programmes
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Stretch, suppleness, strength and cooling-down exercises
  • Leadership development
Personality, behaviour and client support and further applications and uses in sports coaching


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